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Boil and Bite Teeth Whitening Kit with 5 Gel Refills

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 Instant teeth whitening kit includes Boil and Bite Thermoform  trays. You make the custom teeth whitening trays by placing them into hot water for several seconds, then let them cool down slightly and place in your mouth and they will form to your teeth. (detailed instructions are included) They will form to the contour of your teeth, *not as exact as the dental made trays, that is what our Custom Dental Lab Tray Kit does. But they will get close. These kits are perfect if you are short on time and need the start teeth whitening ASAP, in a matter of 3-5 days, which is our typical shipping time. Our Custom Made Trays take about 10-12 days for the complete product to be delivered back to you, and they are engineered specifically from a custom mold of your teeth.  Custom lab made trays are recommended by Dentists across the nation. and they also last for years!

 With the recent  developments in the materials of DIY teeth whitening trays, such as Boil And Bite teeth whitening trays like these, also known as thermoform trays, client are able to get a tray that they can form at home and have the finished teeth whitening tray fit nicely.

Product Features

  • Kit now includes 4 boil and bite thin line trays and free storage case. Also Includes five refills of our dental quality High Intensity teeth whitening Gel
  • Perfect teeth whitening Kit if you need to whiten right away, you custom make the trays at home.
  • Makes for a great gift! Everyone wants white teeth!
  • We do recommend that you also look at our Custom Dental Lab Made Tray Kit, the trays are the same as your Dentist sells! 
  • 5 Gel Refills are enough for 2-3 full whitening cycles. A whitening cycle can be 7-10 days, depending on the types of stains you are trying to remove, and also the length of time you have had the stains.


Whiter Smile Labs Specializes in quality products. For overall best value and quality, we highly recommend our Custom Dental Lab Tray Whitening Kit. The trays are made to fit the contour of your teeth. They also require the use of less gel because they are custom fit and do not need to have extra gel to fill a tray that is not fitted tighter to your teeth. This kit is recommended if you need a quick whitening cycle and do not have time to wait for the custom trays. But it will give good results!

 We have had the opportunity to whiten thousands of our clients teeth and over the years we have listened to our clients needs and concerns and developed a Dentist grade teeth whitening gel that delivers fast results without the dreaded teeth sensitivity. Simply use as directed and you will see results. it has been proven that for the first time using the gel, to wear for up to 10 minutes. And after that first use, if there is no measurable sensitivity, then the second day you can use for up to 25-30 minutes. If you do have naturally sensitive teeth, thats ok! Simply skip the second day, and then use the gel for 15-20 minutes dn the third day you can go up to 30-40 minutes, you will find that your sensitivity issue has been lifted. 

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