Shipping & Returns

Shipping Information

All orders are shipped FREE within the USA! NO minimum order! We ship out ALL Orders within 24 hours!! 

International orders cost extra, please email us for the types of shipping available to you, and the cost. Please note, we do not profit from this shipping charge, it goes direct to the shipper, as we do not believe in profiting off of shipping costs. Thank you

For Custom Whitening Tray Orders: After your order is placed, your kit will be shipped out within 24 hours, 1 business day, and takes an estimated 3-5 business days to receive. 

Then it is recommended that you make your impressions and send back to the Whiter Smile Labs within 5 business days, so the lab can get them quickly and get working on making your custom trays ASAP. Once the lab receives your molds, they will have your custom trays made and sent back to you within 4-6 days. 

Return Policy

  • All Sales are backed by our easy FULL Money back Guarantee!!! If you are not completely Satisfied with our products and gave them a chance and still not happy, please let us know ASAP! Please send all inquiries to EMAIL: or call: 1-888-612-0622 We make sure any issue that you have is resolved quickly and to your satisfaction.., We are out to satisfy our customers. We offer such a strong money back guarantee because you are buying a quality product, We make sure to describe the item exactly as it is, and show the item accurately so you will not have any issues with it being not what you wanted or not as described. General return policy is within 30 days, returns beyond 30 days may be made at the discretion of management and taken on a case by case basis, returns for custom products/services ordered from the lab are taken on a case by case basis. Thank you!

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