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 Custom Dental Lab Made Teeth Whitening Trays, On Sale, $119.99 Full Kit 
FREE Shipping! Sale Ends Friday!

  • Kit includes a Full Cycle  of 38% Hi-Intensity Teeth Whitening Gel. USA made, F.D.A. approved materials, sensitivity free! 

  • 2 Custom Dental Lab made whitening trays and a storage box to store your Custom Trays in while not being used

  • Includes the complete impression kit to make your Custom Trays and the postage, prepaid envelope to send them direct to the lab for fast processing, So you will have a Hollywood smile in no time! 

  • Full detailed instructions on how to make the Impressions for your custom whitening trays! It’s very easy to do! Total Cost Of the kit $119.99

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed!  We want you to Enjoy Your Smile!


 Whiter Smile Labs offers the highest quality, custom made Teeth Whitening Trays that are made in the same Dental Labs that your local Dentist uses, except at a fraction of the price!

We specialize in USA made 38% Carbamide Peroxide gel,  Guaranteed results! Others offer Low Quality Gel from China that is harmful to your teeth and gums!

Please see our products page for our low prices!

We are a Professional Teeth Whitening Company  

that specializes in Custom Whitening Trays

and Hi-Intensity Gel for Amazing Results

When you buy Lab Direct from Whiter Smile Labs you'll receive:

Our Smile Assurance Commitment - At Whiter Smile Labs, we are dedicated to providing you with an affordable, convenient, and hassle-free way to have your teeth professionally whitened for results that last. Guaranteed!

100% Results Satisfaction Warranty - At Whiter Smile Labs, if you try our kit and or gel and think you did not get the same or better results that you would have received from a cosmetic dentist then you can return  your  purchase within 30 days for a full refund. No questions asked, we want you to be confident in trying our service and not have to worry about if you are buying a quality item. Making your purchase through us is risk free.

The Highest Quality Hi-Intensity Whitening Gel and Custom Fitted Whitening Trays - We operate the largest dental lab specializing in professional teeth whitening. You will get the same Custom Fitted Whitening Tray's and the highest quality USA made gel that your Dentist prescribes, but without the dentist visit and at discount prices, delivered directly to your front door.

You Can Order with Confidence - Our main goal is satisfaction. We offer the best products and gel. We believe that custom fitted trays are the best solution for teeth whitening and that is why we do not offer any other type of tray. We do offer one other type of tray for people who need to get started whitening asap and can not wait the few extra days for their custom trays to be made, the boil and bite tray. 

You will Love your results. We guarantee it...

professional custom teeth whitening kit

At Whiter Smile Labs you will receive the same professional teeth whitening service provided by cosmetic dentist offices. Dental Lab Direct Means No Dentist Visit, - Save 75% on the finest quality  Custom-Fitted Whitening trays (the SAME trays & gel that dentists charge over $500 for!) with our Authenitc "PURE BLENDED HI-INTENSITY Whitening Gels" for the most dramatic whitening results possible , and you get to keep the Dentist's profit! We actually make trays for many Dentists!

Don't be fooled by companies that claim to be the same as the dentist's yet don't include custom whitening trays manufactured by an onsite dental technician, to fit your teeth exactly or that do not offer only Pure Blended - Hi-Intensity Bleaching Gels. You will find that our Lab Direct process is dramatically more effective. It is faster, safer, more comfortable, and you will not experience any teeth sensitivity or gum irritation. Best of all, we have a Money Back Guarantee! We want you to tell all your friends and family where you got your new smile!

Shipping Process:

After your order is placed, your kit will be shipped out within 24 hours, 1 business day, and takes an est. of 3-5 business days to receive . Then it is recommended that you make your impressions and send back to the Whiter Smile Labs within 5 business days, so the lab can get them quickly and start working on making your custom trays ASAP. Once the lab receives your molds, they will have your custom trays made and sent back to you within 3-5 days. Free pre-paid envelope included for returning the impressions back to the lab. You have ZERO Shipping Costs!

Why Buy Custom Made Trays And Professional Strength Gel From Us?

1) 7-10 shades in just a few days, Professionally Whiten your teeth, with our Dental Lab Direct Products! Satisfaction Guaranteed!

2) 100% EASY Money Back Guarantee on EVERYTHING WE SELL! FREE SHIPPING  Orders sent out same day!

3) Whiter Smile Labs is so  confident that you will love our products that we offer the strongest Guarantee you could ask for!

4) We are a Dental lab that Wholesales whitening kits and gels direct to the public. Buy direct and save!

5) FAST, Same Day Shipping! You will have your tracking number within 12 hours! Fastest shipping around!

6) Our custom fitted teeth whitening trays are made just for you in a USA Dental Lab, made from a mold of your teeth, the trays fit the exact contour of your teeth, giving you a perfectly even application of gel

7) Same Custom trays that your Dentist sells for over $400, Save an Est. of 75% when buying Direct from the source! Highest quality trays on the market!

8) Recommended and used by Cosmetic Dentists. Guaranteed better results, in less time than laser whitening, without the high costs!

9) All our gels are made from a unique Blend of 38% High-Intensity Carbamide Peroxide Gel, The same gel your Dentist sells for 3-4 times the price! 

10) We Only sell freshly packed, American made gel. You will not experience any teeth sensitivity , or gum irritation.. Others online sell unregulated, imitation gel from China, WE DO NOT!

11) No Dentist visit required, EXTREMELY Easy to use, and will strip years of stains and discolorations from your teeth in just days!

12 ) Our Site utilizes a state of the art, Fully Secure, SSL Certified checkout. The safety of your personal information is our top priority! Your Credit Card Info is NEVER stored!




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