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I have been smoking for about 15 years, and over time, my teeth have soaked in all the tar and nicotine from the smoke. I tried the stick on strips that cost $59.00 a box, I tried the going to the dentist and spending $600.00 on laser whitening, and not only was it a complete waste of money, i had to sit in the chair for 2 hours and then, i had to go back for a second treetment because i asked for a refund, and the dentist said they would do it again for free because it did not give me near the reuslts i was after. So a year later I came across your site and read some of the information, and remember my dentist offering me this kit for around the $499 range, except, he didnt say it was a kit, he called it "custom lab trays". I saw the low proce and bought. I can not begin to tell you how fast the results started to show! I was so blown away that at only day three, I changed 4 shades, that I had to write to you and thank you! BTW, My daughter already knows what she wants for a stocking stufffer for Xmas... Thanks Whiter Smile Labs!

-Kendra W.

Just had to send you this email to thank you for your great service! Jason helped explain everything to me, as I was confused on what way to go for teeth whitening as ther are so many other companies selling so many different products. H took the time to go over the processs, which turned out to be super easy, and I decided to give it a try. I cant begin to tell you how pleased I am with the fit of the Custon Dental lab made trays. They fit so snug, dont slip off, and no discomfort. I used them for 5 days, thats all i needed for my cycle, I was told it could take up to 5-7 days for a cycle, but I only needed 5 days, and had plenty of gel left. My smile is so bright and vibrant, that my other 2 roomates also bought the kit, we had to send you a picture, and yes, We put the picture on Facebook  LOL. Thanks again! I am going to continue telling all my friends and family!

-Carly , Ashley and Brandy!

I am a manager at a restaurant  , which means, I have to go around the restaurant  and talk to all the guests, Before I had my teeth whitened, I always had a complex on how my teeth looked. Well Not anymore! The process was painless, I just had to order the kit, make the impressions, which only took a few minutes, then send them back in the pre paid envelope. 7 days later the trays came, i simply put the gel in the tray and slid them on, easy as that. Ithought it was going to be a big process, but Nope!!! i would say that my teeth went 7 shade brighter in a matter of 6 days... I am going to continue the cycle for the full 14 days, and i will let you know the end result. I just wanted to let you know that i am completely satisfied, and to please add me to your weekly mailing list so I can see what new products or specials are going on, as all my coworkers are all about wanting to get there teeth white now that they seen my new smile :).... talk to you soon.

-Maria L.

 Hello,  I am emailing to Thank Susan for her help in getting me set up with the custom tray kit,So my smile would be perfect for my wedding..... at first I wanted to just get the simple boil and bite system, but she explained to me that the custom tray system is just a few dollars more and the trays will fit to the exact outline of my teeth. so it will require less gel, which is better for my teeth and also not allow the trays to fall of and they last for years. She explained that the boil and bite system only gets a semi-close fit so you have to load the tray to the max with gel so it goes around all your teeth and spills on to your gums. I am so glad I decided to spend the few extra bucks for trays made in a dentist lab, and the gel had a very plesent , taste, no gum irritation or anything, IM SOLD!! haha  Thanks again Susan, and congratulations again on your first granddaughter.

-Jennifer M.

 This letter is for the customer support dept.... I had to thank you for spending the time and helping me pick the best option for whitening my teeth. my Dentist wanted $549.00 to do a in office treatment and $499.00 for teh EXACT same custom tray kit I bought from you. The gel did not bother my teeth , meaning sensitivity or did it cause my gums to hurt. I heard that some low end gel will cause that, yours passed the test. And I just thought you should know that you are saving people lots of money, I am sure you already know that, but I hope your manager sees this email so they know you are doing a great job, and the Lab did a perfect job on the trays. They were so easy to make the impressions, If you can play with playdough then you can make the impressions, litterally only took 6 minutes for the set and then i mailed them off and they were back in 8 days, my dentist said it could be 14 days, Thanks for helping me save time and money. I keep getting compliments form all my friends, i knew it wa going to make a difference, but did not know it wa going to be this drastic of a change, this fast. I will be back for refills in 3-4 months when i do a 1-2 day quick cycle if needed, i drink a pot of coffee a day, I know, its bad..oh well i love my coffee and now i know a way around the staining.

-David H.


 If you are looking for a kit that is Guaranteed to give you results, FAST, Then THIS IS THE PLACE! Best gel I have ever used! and trust me, I have used 4-5 diferent brands, some either did absolutly nothing, and some just burned my mouth like it was acid, The blend that Whiter Smile Labs uses is the best Carbamide Peroxide gel I have EVER used, When I went for my 6 month cleaning at the dentist, he pulled my last records and compared the shade from the last time I seen him and my dentist said my teeth were dramatically whiter. Thank You Whiter Smile Labs

-Harold P.


I usually don't leave reviews but felt compelled to do so because of my experience with this company. I was skeptical about the quality of these trays given the price. I received them today...they are on par with trays my dentist made for me and cost 1/4 the price. The fit is good and they cover my teeth...nice. The Customer Service Department for this company rocks. I forgot to include the customer return card when I sent my impressions to them. After realizing this a few weeks later I quickly sent them an email. I received a reply from customer service in two hours saying they would have the lab check for them the following day and would contact me with a status later that day. I subsequently noticed the card had a customer number on it so I sent an email the following morning with the number. Received an immediate email response from customer service saying this was very helpful followed by a second response a few hours later advising the lab found my impressions, the impressions were great and that the trays would be made and sent shortly. Even my "thank you" emails were acknowledged by Customer Service. Nice touch.

I'm the type that reads reviews before I buy because I can usually get a feel for the product and the company. The ones I read about this product before buying were spot on.

 -Joey c.


 My daughter had braces for years and I promised that she could get her teeth whitened after she got them removed. The dentist quoted us around $300 to have the trays made and for the bleach. I really felt bad about the promise I made because I wanted her to have her teeth professionally whitened, but there was no way I could pay the $300 (after paying for the braces, too!). I did a lot of research on-line to figure out alternatives to professional whitening. Most of the research/reviews showed that using trays is the best method and that you need to have a high concentration of the bleach (peroxide) to make the whitening work. I spent A LOT of time looking around and settled on Whiter Smile Labs. The impressions were easy to make and the trays fit well. Because it was so much less expensive than a professional whitening, I decided to try it, too. Both of us received the trays and started whitening. I had some sensitivity and settled on whitening every-other-night and started using a sensitive toothpaste. This seemed to do the trick. My daughter didn't have any sensitivity and she's been using them every night for the past week. I can already see a difference in her teeth! She said that my teeth look whiter, too! I would definitely recommend Whiter Smile Lab Trays!

-Debbie C.





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