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Portable Teeth Whitening Pen. Perfect for quick FAST touch-ups

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Professional Teeth Whitening Pen. Perfect to throw in your purse or glove box, for those sudden stains that come out of nowhere.

  • Applies in seconds! Works in minutes!
  • Stores easily in your purse or glove box.
  • Revolutionary formula offers FAST results.
  • Plesant taste, Cleans teeth while whitening.
  • You will not want to leave the house without it!
  • Strongest Whitening Bleaching Pen on the market
  • FAST and cheap way to remove that stubborn tooth stain
  • Shipping is free!!


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     Specially formulated to quickly remove stains that have just occcured or have came up in-between whitening cycles. Highest Quality pen on the Market! This special formula contains a VERY FAST acting style of Peroxide, which is normally only used in the Dental Office, for in office treatments. It uses a Hydrogen Peroxide teeth whitening gel, which is only used out of office, when quick results are desired. This Professional Strength Whitening Pen is perfect for if you are out for the night, or away from home and find a stubborn stain on one tooth or several teeth, Perfect cheap way to remove that stain on that single tooth, the pen will work quick to lift the stain. The reason This type of Peroxide is used instead of the Carbamide, is due to the fact that you need fast results, but you must follow the directions and only use for 10-15 minutes as it is fast acting.. The results from this Bleaching Pen will last for a while, but is recommended to do a quick "touch Up" whitening cycle with the Carbamide Peroxide Bleaching Gel after so that the stain is completely eliminated.

     Celebrities all over the world buy tooth whitening pens, most dont leave home without it! You never know when a stain could come on a single tooth,  and would not want to get stuck without a perfectly white smile. this all you need to get a cheap , quick fix! All you need to do is twist the end and the Fast Acting formula is released and you brush it on, it only takes a few moments to apply. It will then hide the stain so you can enjoy the rest of your day or evening. Simple as that! We do not sell cheap tooth whitening pens, this one will give results!

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