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  • Manufactured by: Whiter Smile Labs

Thermoform Boil and Bite Teeth Whitening Trays

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About the Product
  • Boil and Bite Thermo-Form Teeth Whitening trays are easy to form to a custom fit in the comfort of your own home, Professional quality.
  • Includes complete instructions to make quality teeth whitening bleaching trays and a convenient storage case to keep your teeth whitening trays clean and stored properly.
  • Made in the USA. BPA FREE!


Easy to use and make at home Teeth Whitening Trays Kit comes with full instructions and a convenient storage case.   BPA-free!

Simply heat a small cup of water and warm the trays making them able to form to the contour of your teeth. Step by step instructions are included. Trays are formed in a few minutes and you can also trim them for a closer fit!

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