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5- 38% teeth whitening gels and remineralization gel

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 Whiter Smile Labs 38% Carbamide Peroxide Teeth Whitening Gel and Remineralization Gel


  • Includes 5 X-LARGE- 38% Premium Carbamide Peroxide Teeth Whitening Gel, Professional strength, High Intensity, Sensitivity free formula. Fastest Results That Last!
  • Customer's report 6-10 SHADES WHITER in a single teeth whitening treatment cycle, 7-8 days, with NO SENSITIVITY! Now with NEW PRECISION GEL DISPENSING TIP! DISPENSES EASILY AND EVEN!
  • Our Gel is made fresh, and packaged fresh. MADE IN USA GEL! Teeth whitening results are seen on the FIRST DAY most times. Your first use, always use gel for only 10-15 min, to get use to the gel, this is a professional gel, that gives professional results, FAST!
  • Includes Remineralization gel that strengthens your enamel after your whitening cycle and assures that there is little to no sensitivity. 



Whiter Smile Labs specializes in custom Dental Lab Direct products. Our 38% specially blended, High Intensity Gel Is the BEST selling concentrated Whitening Gel on the market. You will need to use just half the amount then the other gels being sold for less money. You Only need to apply our gel for 20-30 minutes, not hours like others.  For your first use, always use a bit less gel the first treatment, of your whitening cycle to get use to using the gel. 

 Remineralization gel reduces sensitivity of your teeth. it is great for people who have sensitive teeth, especially first time bleaching your teeth, our Remineralization gel is also known as Desensitizing gel

 Our Remineralization gel is great for:

  • Post-Whitening treatment
  • Reduces Sensitivity
  • Strengthens Tooth Enamel
  • Remineralizes Teeth, returning Vital Minerals and Vitamins

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