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Professional Custom Dental Lab Teeth Whitening Tray Kit

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Professional Custom  Teeth Whitening Tray Kit includes 2 Custom teeth Bleaching trays made just for you in our Dental Labratory.

  • Storage box to store your Custom made Teeth Whitening Trays while not in use.
  • Includes the complete impression kit to make your Custom Trays and the postage, prepaid envelope to Send them direct to the lab for fast processing So you will have a Hollywood smile in no time!
  • Full detailed instructions on how to make the Impressions for you custom whitening trays! It’s very easy to do!
  • Please visit the "How It Works" Page on the top of this page to see how easy the syatem is. Making the Impressions only takes a few minutes.
  • We Sell the Best Custom Teeth Whitening, Bleaching Tray Systems on the market.

Total Cost Of the kit $99.99 Shipping is free. Does not include gel, please see the "Products" page for gel options.

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